What Should You Expect at Your Dental Visit?

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Have you been putting off having a dental visit? If you haven’t been seen by a dentist for a while and are considering getting back on track for 2018, we invite you to meet our friendly staff and caring dentist at your earliest convenience. At your first visit, we typically review your health history, and then at your follow up visits if anything has changed, you can let us know so we can help.

We also evaluate your teeth and gums to spot potential problems while they are early in their development. This helps ensure timely treatment for things like tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral conditions that can impact your overall health. To spot conditions that lie beneath the surface, dental X-rays are taken to help us check the jaw or jawbone for damage, look for impacted teeth, or uncover abscesses and cysts.

If problems are uncovered, we may offer appropriate dental solutions. For example, if you have dental erosion from teeth grinding or clenching we might recommend a mouth guard; if you have missing teeth or weakened teeth you might benefit from dental implants, and gum disease might be alleviated with additional dental cleanings.

If your oral hygiene is suffering, we may show you better ways to brush and floss or recommend a therapeutic mouthwash to be used regularly. Mouthwashes can assist with tooth sensitivity, inflammation of the gums, gingivitis, chronic bad breath, and help prevent cavities by killing harmful bacteria or offering fluoride to remineralize enamel.

At your dental cleaning, we also deep clean your teeth with special tools that can scrape plaque and tartar deposits from your gum line and below it. Finally, we floss and polish your teeth.

If you are ready to schedule a dental cleaning with our dentist, Dr. Sherif Gabr, please call Modern Dentistry of New England in Bristol, Connecticut, at 860-582-4485. We look forward to helping your smile stay healthier all year round!