The Safest Way for Your Child to Use Sippy Cups

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If your toddler is currently using a sippy cup, you will want to make sure they are protected from cavities. You see, more and more children are experiencing dental caries, including toddlers. Extended exposure to sugary drinks seems to be the culprit, particularly through the use of sippy cups.

While these cups are useful inventions helping parents transition their toddlers from bottles to cups, they are not meant to be used for months or years. Extended use of these cups with sugary beverages such as fruit juice, bathes their little teeth in sugar for long periods of time. The worst is putting them to bed with anything other than water, because of the sugar exposure. It is safe, however, for them to drink juice and milk during mealtime. The rest of the time, you want to keep their cups filled with water.

To help protect your child’s smile from cavities, it is recommended that they are seen by a dentist after their first tooth erupts, or by their first birthday. During this first visit, their dentist will detail their best at-home preventative care and examine their oral cavity to spot any problem areas.

If you are using a sippy cup to transition your child from a bottle to a cup, you can follow these tips from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry:

–Use the cup to transition, not for convenience for extended lengths of time, no matter how tempting.

–Keep their sippy cup filled with water except at mealtimes.

–If you give your child a sippy cup at bedtime, make sure it only contains water.

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