The Mountain Dew Mouth Epidemic

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Have you ever heard of ‘Mountain Dew Mouth?’

It’s a phenomenon that exists in the Appalachian region of America – stretching from roughly the southern end of New York state all the way to Alabama – and it’s one of the region’s leading causes of tooth decay.

While the soft drink industry has countered the claims that their products contribute to tooth decay, especially Mountain Dew, Dr. Steven Ghareeb, spokesman for the Academy of General Dentistry, says that he sees tooth erosion from the acids in soda, and decay from the sugar. He also added in one interview that he considers soda to be worse for tooth health than sugary foods.

Mountain Dew Mouth in particular is a big battle being fought in the Appalachian region, due to the fact that most residents there don’t trust the well water in their homes and prefer to drink Dew instead. The Appalachia contains many of America’s poorest and more remote communities in the country, and seeing as Mountain Dew was invented in Tennessee, it’s easy to see how the drink became engrained in the region’s culture.

The region has a habit of sipping soda throughout the day, as well as constantly carrying around bottles of Mountain Dew.

This is one of the most serious dental epidemics affecting the nation right now. If you’re worried that your soda consumption might put you at risk to develop tooth decay symptoms similar to those seen from sufferers of Mountain Dew Mouth, call Dr. Sherif Gabr today to schedule a consultation.