Teeth Whitening – The Basics

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A smile says a lot about a person. In fact, a smile is one of the first things people will notice about you when they meet you for the first time. So how do you get that kind of a smile? Well, that’s a question that a lot of other adults are always asking.

That’s we provide a multitude of different services to help make your smile amazing. One of those is teeth whitening. Let’s look at it further.

Why whitening?
Whitening is a great option because nearly every dentist will offer a form of the service in their practice. A straight smile that’s perfectly white will pop incredibly well. Of course, you can whiten any teeth you want, but Dr. Sherif Gabr strongly recommends you whiten teeth after they’ve been professionally straightened.

How does it work?
The whitening process is really simple. All it entails is coming in to our Modern Dentistry of New England location in Bristol, Connecticut, for a whitening appointment. A single session can leave you with brighter, whiter teeth than you’ve had ever before. Our staff will simply apply whitening agents to your teeth for the prescribed amount of time.

Professional whitening has a lot of benefits, but it’s definitely quicker than any at-home procedure you can use. To learn more about exactly what we do, and how it works, call us today at 860-582-4485.