Oral Health Wonders: Root Canal Therapy

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Are you familiar with the importance of a root canal therapy? If for any reason you have suffered damage to the inner workings of a tooth including damage to the pulp of a tooth whether by inflammation, disease, or infection, it may need to be removed. A failure to remove a pulp can lead to pulp death. However, with a root canal therapy, a pulp can be safely removed from a tooth and filled for future functionality.

Several causes can arise that can lead to damage and infected pulps. If you routinely neglect your oral health care and holes in your teeth continue to form, deep cavities will burrow into your tooth to the point that a root can become diseased due to bacteria entering the pulp. If the pulp is damaged, it may need to be extracted with a root canal therapy.

Another common risk factor associated with dental damage and diseased pulps has to do with repeated dental procedures done on a tooth. For some procedures, a small amount of tooth enamel may need to be removed. However, over time, damage can slowly accumulate to the point that the tooth is vulnerable to a pulp infection.

Another more common type of dental damage that can cause issues with pulp includes oral accidents or injuries that can fracture and split a tooth open to the point that bacteria can enter the root of a tooth and damage the pulp. If you have an infected pulp, visit your dentist to have it safely extracted with a root canal therapy and have the tooth cleaned and sealed.

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