A Child Needs a Dental Checkup in Their First Year

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The first year of your child’s life is a time of rapid and profound change. This includes the emergence of their first primary teeth.

Teething and maintaining good oral health can be taxing and filled with questions. To answer these important concerns the American Dental Association recommends that your child receive a dental checkup in their first year.

Dr. Sherif Gabr and the Modern Dentistry of New England staff are passionate about providing you and your child with the highest quality dental care. Monitoring your child’s oral development or dental health can help get them off to a good start.

The appointment is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about your child’s oral health and development. Some simple tips and insights from our dentist might help minimize your child’s discomfort and ease the some of the stress associated with the teething process.

If Dr. Sherif Gabr notices an area of concern during their dental checkup he will help you understand your treatment or preventive care options. This might include simple ingestible fluoride supplements to help them maintain strong tooth enamel or having dental sealants placed on their third molars.

If you live in the Bristol, Connecticut, area and you have a question or concern about your child’s oral health and development you should call 860-582-4485 to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Sherif Gabr.